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  • Will the treatment be painful?
    No. During the first few days there may be a small amount of sensitvity however, after the first few days of treatment, this senstivity should cease.
  • My child does not have many adult teeth, is he/she too young?"
    The best time to start Myobrace treatment is between 5-10 years old and therefore it is normal to only have a few adult teeth. Because Myobrace treatment works by promoting correct facial deveolopment and jaw growth through removing bad habits, the best and most stable results are often acheived early while the child is still growing.
  • How long does treatment take?
    It is heavily dependent on the child's compliance to Myobrace treatment and their biological ability to change habits as well as growth patterns. Generally, the earlier treatment is started - the higher level of success. Suggested treatment time with good compliance is generally two to three years, providing thre are no other signigicant health concerns limiting treatment results.
  • Will my child still need braces after treatment?
    Myobrace pre-orthodontic treatment assists your child's teeth and jaws to grow naturally and accommodate for all their adult teeth. Treatment is amined at achieving natural dental alignment in harmony with the body. Braces are sometimes used at the end of treatment for a short period if perfect "picket fence" alignment is desired.
  • When treatment is complete, will the teeth crowd up again?"
    Over the course of Myobrace treatment, our team will closely montor the stability of treatment. Generally, if the myofuncitonal problems are corrected, the teeth will stay in their position.
  • Are there any harmful side effects with Myobrace treatment?
    There have been no reported harmful effects with Myobrace treatment. They appliances used are flexible and exert light intermittent forces that assist in retraining the muscles and mode of breathing.
  • Will my insurance cover the treatment?
    Yes. If you have orhtodontic coverage through your employer, it will be covered according to the terms of your policy.
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