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Welcome to EZ BRACE

Vancouver's Myobrace Pre-Orthodontic Centre for Children ages 5-15

We offer a modern no-braces approach to straightening children's teeth and jaws.  While traditional orthodontic techniques can mechanically align the teeth very well, they often require pulling out teeth and do not really address the root of the problem.    Research has shown that majority of crooked teeth are not hereditary but are caused by poor oral habits such as breathing through the mouth and not swallowing properly.  By identifying and correcting these poor oral habits early, children can have straighter smile, better looking faces, improved breathing and even sleep better.  Therefore, We believe in early intervention, and avoiding teeth extractions.  Our mission is help children grow up healthier, and looking better THE NATURAL WAY.


Introducing the Myobrace System A Natural Way of Straightening Teeth

Are you concerned about your child's crooked teeth?  Plesae play the video below to learn more about MYOBRACE - today's natural alternative to traditional orthodontics.


Hi I am Dr. Ceciia Ng.  I believe every child deserves to grow to their full potential and Myobrace can give them a healthy start.

  • addresses the real causes of crooked teeth

  • can start as early as 4-5 years of age

  • optimizes growth potential of the child

  • better looking faces and healthy jaw development

  • aligns teeth naturally

  • avoids expensive braces and painful teeth extractions

  • may even improve ADHD and sleep






FACE LOOKS BETTER by avoiding teeth extractions

This lovely 10 year girl was told she needed to have 4 adult teeth pulled and braces fitted.  She didn't like the idea at all and was really excited when she met Dr. Ng and learned how she could avoid the painful extractions.   Committed to wearing the Myobrace and doing the Myobrace Activities , she quickly became one of our "super-star" patients.  In just a few months, she began seeing her teeth straigthening and her face looking better.

S Huang

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