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I have been practicing as a general dentist in the Lower Mainland for over 30 years.  My special interests are early childhood facial and dental development, orthodontics, jaw joint disease and sleep disordered breathing syndromes (snoring, sleep apnea).  As a heatlhcare provider, I wish to make the most health impact on my patients.  I believe breathing well is the key to health and overall wellness.  To that goal, I attained Diplomate status from the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.  I am very honored to be one of few dentists in Canada who have been awarded this recognition.  With my unique knowledge, I focus my practice on two groups of patients.  One are the adults who suffer from sleep apnea - their breathing pauses many times during sleep and they snore heavily.  The second are the children who show signs of breathing problem such as mouth breathing, snroing, and poorly developing jaws and dental alignment.  By helping the children early, they can develop optimally, and enjoy a great healthy start in life. And of course beautiful teeth!


I am a mother of two.  As parents, we want to give our children the best.  We want them to grow up healthy and strong, looking good, do well in school and be happy.  Breathing properly through the nose, not through the mouth, is the foundation for proper growth and development. It is really the key to overall wellness. 

As Myobrace educator at EZbrace, I encourage and support children in their learning and growth.  Nothing gives me more joy than to see them improve their health, and straighten their teeth THE NATUEAL WAY!

Please book a complementary evaluation to learn more.  I look forward to seeing you!